Crash Course in Love: Stages of a Relationship

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The other day I went to Barnes n Nobles to take a sneak peak into this book. If you have even seen Vh1’s Tough Love, you’d want to take a sneak peak into this book only out of curiosity and to see what other valid points Steve and JoAnn ward make. There is some good information in comparison to most self-help or relationship improvement books. One of the sections that I thought to share with you are:

Stages of a Relationship

1) Finding Someone – have a conversation with a guy where it progresses to you talking to him again or seeing each other again. This is the most scary part since looks can be deceiving and there is the risk of rejection; therefore you should be optimistic

2)Date him. This means going on dates and getting to know each other. Dating is not “hanging out.”

3) Discovery Stage – once you’ve learned enough about him to start telling your friends and family about him.

4) Developing Stage – introduce him to your family and friends. This stage also includes making accommodations in each other’s lives. [ex] becoming exclusive and strengthening your commitment, managing each other’s expectations, and growing as couples as individuals.

5) Keep and maintaining your relationship – mature your connection and make the relationship exciting, enjoy life together, and consciously not grow apart.

6) Have a health monogamous relationship

While I love Vh1’s Tough Love, Steve Ward, and Joann Ward, I have to say that I’m not sure if this a credible book to live by. When I look at self-help books, I try to see if the author(s) have a degree in psychology. How does one determine another person’s personality: psychology. Steve Ward went to Drexel University and obtained a degree in Finance and Business Management. His mother, Joann, I could not find a lot of information on her. Granted she is the CEO of Master Matchmakers for a number of years now, I’m not sure if she has a psychology degree or not. Although the two matchmakers are well-renowned for their agency and matchmaking business, I wonder if most of their advice is based one experiences. Experience wise, I’d say they are credible sources. I love reading the book because it does point out valid points that makes you more aware of your surroundings and of other people


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