Having Confidence is Key

Doubt is not an attractive quality. Someone people do not like shy people because according to Darwin’s Rule, it does not fall under survival of the fittest. Most people want others who are active and going. If you have low confidence, I suggest the following:

*make a list of 50 things you like about yourself

*make a list of things that make you happy and do at least 3 of them

* if you make others happy, you make yourself happy [ex] community service, babysitting, walking a dog, hanging out with friends, making someone cupcakes just because, etc.

*exercise. exercising releases endorphins

* even if you think you are ‘different’, celebrate it. if you have passion, pursue it.

As long as you have confidence, nothing can stop you or break you down.


About Phoenix

This is a twitter/tumblr collaborative project where a 20something year old female attempts to find events and things to do in SD. Because I am a student, I will try to find things to do on a budget, for free, and/or costly.
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