How to Emotionally Protect Yourself (the Phoenix Way)

This a guideline on how to emotionally protect yourself or to minimize the damage when you become disappointed or hurt. Its not guaranteed but some simple guidelines people have given me in the past.

1) Emotionally Detaching Yourself. Do not make yourself like a guy. Tell yourself that he is just a friend and he does not like. If you want, list all the bad qualities about this guy so you do not end up liking him.

2) Have Low ExpectationsDo not narrow down your expectations such as having a boyfriend, having a commitment. Keep it broad such as meeting someone new or making a new friend.

3)Do Not Get Jealous. Guys to perform tests on girls. They will go up and flirt with another girl just to get a reaction out of you. Based on your reaction, they will judge you. Keep your cool if he does. If he brings it up, pretend you did not notice. Also you should not bring it up either. If he’s talking to her for a long time, go introduce yourself to another person.

4)Go for a Guy who takes it Slow, not Fast. A guy should take things slow with you. By taking it slow, he should be able get to know you and analyze whether or not he wants to be with you. However, if a guy tries to get to know you too quickly or is rushing things with you, get out fast.

There is always a middle man. The middle man is someone who is dating you but also considering is options. He is probably wondering which girls to go for. If you feel that you are waiting too long for a guy, get another option.

5) Read between the lines. You would first have to read between the lines and find out if there are underlining statements that can be made with what the guy had said. Do not overanalyze. Instead listen to the whole thing u might no pick up on some key hints that he’s just into it to either hurt you or just use you.

6) Do not shield themselves too muchDont be too overprotective because it’s detrimental to their relationships because they’re always paranoid


About Phoenix

This is a twitter/tumblr collaborative project where a 20something year old female attempts to find events and things to do in SD. Because I am a student, I will try to find things to do on a budget, for free, and/or costly.
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