How to let go of someone you love

How to let go of someone you love by Zeke Allen

Don’t talk to the other person or spend time with them, no matter what.

Even if you have to pick things up from their place because you were living together, etc. No one can make rational decisions when they are face to face with someone they were in love with or cared about very much.

You have to actually seperate yourself from that person for at least half as long as you were together. That means NO contact. If you let yourself fall back into old habits, talking on the phone, emailing, even hooking up because its comfortable, you are not making healthy decisions for anyone.

Give yourself time to be sad. Understand that regardless of how smart the decision to leave might be, you are probably losing at least some good things and there is nothing wrong with being sad about that. If there isn’t anything to be sad about, then what took you so long?

Try to change things around, listen to different music (not sad, sappy music) go different places, make sure you make an effort to meet new people. Not new people with which you can lament about your loss, but new people you want to get to know better, people you enjoy being around and who enjoy being around you. You have to fill in the holes in your life that inevitably exist after leaving someone you care about a great deal.

Do whatever you need to do to be sure about your decision. Make a list of positives and negatives, talk to friends you trust, ponder, pray, go for long walks in the woods, whatever it takes. Then once you have made that decision, stick to it. Both of you will be better off for it.


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