“An Interview is a Date.” – Van Wilder

I got inspired my job. I’m in the process of assisting both of my supervisors finding interns and office clerks for our employment. They both told me that they look for certain qualities for candidates. Have you seen Van Wilder, the movie? Van Wilder tells the beautiful Tara Reid ” An interview is a date.”

Like I said, dating is an interview. When you go on a date, you evaluate each person based on what they say, what they are wearing, their body language, how well prepared they are, etc.

What hiring managers and potential relationship seekers look for:

Be honest and Be Yourself (presentable). Don’t be fake because the person across from you will notice.


Be Down-to-Earth and Charismatic

There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance

Show your personality

Being prepared

Going above and beyond

Have a good sunny attitude, not a sour one.

Having good core values

They’re looking for the “right fit.” Dating is also like shopping. You want to buy something that makes you feel confident, free, and fits you in all the right ways. Maybe something you can wear at night and something to school. You’re not going to buy something that is too loose or too tight. A hiring manager wants something he/she can trust and will fit wellf or the company/organization.

If you’re interested in what hiring managers want.


❤ Jon for his input


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