Date with Mr. Okcupid

Today I went on a date with a guy I met on As stated before, I wanted to give online dating a try. When I first told my friends about the date, a majority of them were disappointed in me. A couple of them thought, ‘Why would you do that,’ ‘Are you desperate,’ and ‘It’s so dangerous.’ It was to the extent that my friends thought there was a potential chance that I would get abducted or kidnapped. One of my friends thought that the guy was going to follow me home. A friend of mine did ask me, ‘ Are you seeing him because of his profile photo?” I told her no. Most people are very subjective when they post their photos on the internet. They will put the best photo they have of themselves. They will show the very best, but we all know that we do not look our best 24/7. I heeded their warnings, but did my best to make sure I was safe.

1) I gave him my nickname, not my real name

2) I used my email account that did not identify my first or last name

3) I did not give out my number or any other personal details

4) Meeting in a public location

5) Doing a google check on the guy

I met up with him at a Benihana-like restaurant, very public and full of people. I arrived somewhat late, but I was glad to know he was not there. At first, I thought it was the guy at the corner sitting by himself. At first glance, I thought….” This is not what you put on your profile.” I approached the gentleman and asked him, “ excuse me, but are you ____?” He looked at me confused and shook his head no. I thought there was a possibility that Mr. Okcupid saw me and left when I was not looking. However, he did arrive. When I first saw him, I was impressed. He was dressed casually, but in a good way. Very business casual and he looked really cute . He shook my hand and introduced himself. All I have to say is that I was not disappointed with what I saw. He arrived right on time and we were seated immediately.

He immediately asked me what I was in school for. I did tell him about my academic plans, my short term goals, and my long term goals. I hope he was not intimidated by my long-term goal of joining the Secret Service. We did talk about his busy schedule when he was a university student. He told me that sometimes he misses being a student, but he likes working. In addition, he wishes he can go back to be 21 and/or 17. At 17, you don’t worry about responsibility and you lounge around all day and have fun. I think he was comparing how the age difference sets different responsibilities. I think we all wish we were teenagers again and not have a job and have bills to pay.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this but he is new to the city. He moved 4 months ago and has done all the touristy things. We talked about what he has been doing in the city and I suggested a few places he can go to (mainly related to food). What I found interesting about Mr. OkCupid is that he likes computers and that’s why he chose the computer engineering field. It’s hard to find people who enjoy their jobs. Kudos for that. Kudos again since he used to play acoustic music and used to play soccer. There were a few pauses and/or awkward silences. I could not tell whether or not he was watching the chef in front of us, at the other table, or thinking of other topics to converse about. We did talk about and how we were both introduced to the website. He admitted that his friend told him about the site and is always meeting girls. Actually, his story is similar to mine since my friend is meeting guys on the website. Additionally, we have a mutual friend in common since he is into dancing.

I shared my scallops with him because they were deliciously made. He shared his shrimp with me. At the end, we both split the bill since it came out evenly. He did mention to me that we should go out for Sushi since he is looking for good unagi. I gave him my business card with my phone number and email address that he can contact me at. I don’t know how he felt about me.

I don’t know if he was impressed with me. I don’t know if he was nervous etc. I don’t know if he thinks of me as a friend. But He’s an awesome and decent human being that I do not mind spending my time with.

What I liked about this was that this guy is not affiliated with any of my circles. We do have a mutual friend in common, but I like meeting people who have never heard of me or know me through a friend. Meeting new people is fun and its something I like to do.

The Lesson: Give Online Dating a Chance. Don’t believe everything you. You don’t know unless you try it once. Be safe. Be True to who you are. —Phoenix


About Phoenix

This is a twitter/tumblr collaborative project where a 20something year old female attempts to find events and things to do in SD. Because I am a student, I will try to find things to do on a budget, for free, and/or costly.
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One Response to Date with Mr. Okcupid

  1. Sounds like a pretty great first date! I am curious to see if/when you guys see each other again! Keep us posted.



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