Dos and Don’ts with Online Profiles/Dating

Last week, I mentioned that I would give a shot. I made a profile on the website. Okcupid is a free dating site. No credit card or cash is needed to pay for your profile. When you first enter the service, there are a series of things you need to do: 1) Make a Profile – information, photos, and more information. 2) Complete a compatibility test 3) Personality test 4) Answer questions either privately or publically (optional). If you have a good 2 hours, you can do all of this in one night. attempts to set you up with singles and/or married people in your vicinity; however you can choose whether or not if you want to meet these people. It attempts to set you up in three ways: 1) Ratings others – if you get 4 or more starts and someone rates you also 4 or more stars, the system automatically let you and the other user know that you two found each other attractice 2) Quiver matches – based on the questions you have answered, it tries to pair you up with three potential matches. You can either click “visit profile” or “i’m not interested.” If you’re not interested, the system will give you three new matches. 3)Quickmatch – based on your personality tests, it will try to find someone that is 70% or more compatible with you.

I think with this site. You are bound to find someone. What I like about this site is that if someone thinks I’m cute or sends me a message, I can read it in my inbox. One bad part, it says when was the last time I logged into the website. I discreetly try not to check my inbox too often.

When I created my account, I told myself this:

DO: Put some interesting information about yourself. Put your interests.

Don’t:Disclose so much information about yourself. Do not reveal your confidential or private information to others.

DO: Post relatively decent and recent of yourself that is not altered 

Don’t:Post heinous or fake photos of yourself. Either way, its false advertising.

DO: Be slow and patient when interacting with others. You need to wait for the other person to respond…remember we all have lives.

Don’t: choose dates because of the way they look. There might a Mr or Ms. Right out there for you, but you’re blinded my flashy or beautiful photos.

DO: Let your friends know what you are doing. Be cautious.Be Safe. Trust your instincts.

Don’t:IF it doesn’t feel right, don’t go

DO: If you guys talk online for a while, set up a meeting in a public vicinity.

I’m going out with a guy from OKcupid on Friday night. After the date, I will blog about the details. Wish me luck.


About Phoenix

This is a twitter/tumblr collaborative project where a 20something year old female attempts to find events and things to do in SD. Because I am a student, I will try to find things to do on a budget, for free, and/or costly.
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