How To Win Someone’s Heart Through Their Stomach

Last year, my friends and I started a project where we made over a guy. Initially I was supposed to be the team lead on the project, but I refused since I was not in the right state of mind. I can’t help someone if I can not help myself. With our friend, we decided that he needed to re-do his wardrobe, his grooming habits, conversational techniques, etc.

But there was one thing we had to teach him: impressing a girl with your cooking skills. I think its a general commonality when we say ” win someone’s heart through their stomach.” We taught our friend this, have one dish that will impress a girl. He found one: Chicken Alfredo Fettucine.

Today’s topic is cooking. Not all of us are gifted or talented when it comes to cooking, but if you have one dish that will make someone go wow, then thats your secret to getting her or his heart. It does not have to be crazy expensive, but something that goes pop when it hits the taste buds.

I have four dishes:

*lemon cream dessert – Its very frothy and light. anyone can have it and the recipe is made so that even a diabetic or someone on a diet could have it. However, its not made for those who are lactose intolerant.

*seared scallops with a saffron cream sauce- the best appetizer that I can make and that most of my family and friends love

*broccoli and mushroom rice pilaf – again, made for diabetics and anyone.

*Marinated and Grilled Ribs – I’m a carnivore and the people I surround myself are carnivores.

Remember practice makes perfect. Try making or perfecting your recipe and/or dish.


About Phoenix

This is a twitter/tumblr collaborative project where a 20something year old female attempts to find events and things to do in SD. Because I am a student, I will try to find things to do on a budget, for free, and/or costly.
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