A 2nd date with Okcupid.com

I knew I would be leaving my job straight to go to my date on Friday evening. I made sure I had an outfit that was appropriate for work and for the date. I dressed myself in a white printed tunic with skinny jeans and a boyfriend blazer. If I wanted to look cute for the date I would take off my blazer or roll the sleeves. If I want to look appropriate for work, leave the sleeves down and make sure no skin was showing. Of course, everyone noticed my sudden change in wardrobe and asked, “You look so cute. Where are you going?” It made me wonder, maybe I should start dressing up more.

On Friday night, I headed over to a local sushi restaurant to meet up with Mr. Okcupid. I arrived 15 minutes early, very tired and my eyes in pain because I had just completed a deadline at work. I was scribbling in my planner my ‘to-do’ list when he walked in. He asked me how work was. We talked about his job and my job, often referring to how our jobs relate to the movie Office Space.

Prior to our date, I noticed that he had deleted his account. When we were at dinner, I asked him, “I noticed on okcupid.com that you deleted your account. Is everything alright?” He let me know that he did not think okcupid.com was not right for him, but it did not mean he was going to stop using online dating sites. He mentioned that he would be using other websites such as eharmony, match.com, and true.com. At this point, I knew that he was not looking for a relationship, but just dating around. That was fine by me. However, what I found amusing was how his friend met a girl on okcupid.com. Her pictures were “hot” but she looked nothing like her photos.

We talked about religion and how he is agnostic and does not have any religious beliefs. We did talk about his breakdancing skills, his old crew, tattoos we would like to place on our bodies, to martial art films we had both seen.

Mr. Okcupid did ask me a couple of relationship questions, “ how many serious relationships have you had” and “how long ago was your last relationship” and “how did your last relationship end?” When I answered these questions, it took me a while to phrase them correctly. I do not want to portray myself as a bitch or arrogant so I answered it like this: “ I had one serious relationship 2 years ago. He was a great guy, but we both separated because we both wanted different things. He wanted to get married and I did not. When I was 19, I was not thinking of marriage….I was thinking of school. We are still really good friends.”

My favorite conversation would have to be about high school stereotypes. I asked him who he was in high school, but I rephrased it like this, “in high school movies, you have the jock, the cheerleader, the band geek, etc. In high school, who were you?” I have to saw, I loved his answer. He told me he was the token asian guy and he was really into computers. J

After our relationship conversation, I knew he was viewing me as a friend, especially when he followed me up with “how often do you party?” At the end of our date, I gave him a hug. He said he would be contacting me in the future about going to bars and clubs….I think that’s code for “you’re a cool girl. Let’s just be friends.” He went to a breakdancing session while I went home to relax for the rest of the night.


About Phoenix

This is a twitter/tumblr collaborative project where a 20something year old female attempts to find events and things to do in SD. Because I am a student, I will try to find things to do on a budget, for free, and/or costly.
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